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"Holy mother of Jesus! Mate this is perfect! We'll re-listen to it but damn I think it's perfect wow!"

- a satisfied customer




If you can record your music (at home, in a studio, anywhere), I can take your tracks and turn them into professional sounding records.

(from $100)


Bringing your songs to life from your phone memos. Even if you only have the lyrics written but you really want to make a song, I'll help you with the instrumentation and putting it all together.

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Even though I am not Abbey Roads, you can record your vocals and instruments with professional equipment at my studio.

(from $10 per hour)

My Work

My work
"Affordable and quality mastering, he is very flexible with the order and ideas also easy to work with"

Mostafa Masoudinejad

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Feel free to send me a message, even if you're not ready yet! I'd love to hear about you and your project!
Let me know if you have any questions or even if you just want to have a chat!

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My name is Mátyás Rácsai from Budapest, Hungary

I've been a guitar player since 2000 and I've been working as a mixing/mastering engineer since 2019. I am proud to say that I work "in the box", which means I don't own a big studio and outboard gear but I mix music at home. It also means I don't have huge overhead costs to keep my business running which you would have to pay.


I do what I do because I love doing it, I love making music and I love making it sound great!

It's really important for me that my clients are 100% satisfied with the results so you can expect me to give a 100% as well!

About Me

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